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Onboarding And Training Specialist, Guadalajara

Publicado 2024-04-04
Caduca 2024-04-14
ID #2101581599
20,000,000 Mex$
Onboarding And Training Specialist, Guadalajara
Mexico, Jalisco, Guadalajara,
Publicado April 4, 2024


We are seeking a passionate, empathetic, detail-oriented Onboarding and Training Specialist to join our Community Engagement team.

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional communication skills and a knack for simplifying complex topics to make them approachable.

As an Onboarding and Training Specialist, you will play a crucial role in ensuring our partners have a seamless and personalized onboarding journey, as well as providing engaging training sessions to drive platform utilization and excitement.

Responsibilities: ●Approach each partner with a relationship-oriented attitude, understanding their needs to personalize the onboarding journey.

●Simplify technical topics to make them approachable, matching individuals' comfort levels with technology during onboarding sessions.

●Utilize determination and communication testing, re-engage with customers who are no longer using their system to bring them back into the customer journey, allowing them to experience the value of company's platform.

●Stay organized and detail-oriented, leveraging internal tools such as the CRM (Hubspot) to keep the onboarding and training process moving efficiently and reportable to stakeholders.

●Infuse energy and enthusiasm in training sessions to motivate and excite partners about platform utilization.

●Maintain collaboration and coordination with internal team members and stakeholders, especially serving as an intermediary between the sales process and the long-term customer success function.

●Manage the onboarding journey for staff who are learning about the company for the first time - either as a new customer or a new staff member joining an existing customer - ensuring their onboarding experience inspires system usage.

Requirements ●Strong interpersonal skills with an emphasis on empathy and understanding.

●Experience in customer relationship management and re-engagement strategies is preferred.

●Proficiency in utilizing CRM tools and other internal platforms for organization and reporting purposes.

Experience with Hubspot is preferred ●Ability to simplify technical topics and adapt training approaches based on individuals' comfort levels with technology.

●High energy and enthusiasm with the ability to inspire others, even in challenging situations.

●Professional English (spoken and written).

Benefits ● Insurance of major medical expenses (Sum assured $20,000,000.00 MXN) ● Life insurance (Death and MXN Disability) ● 12 Days of vacation per year, plus three floating holidays in addition to the seven official Holidays in Mexico.

● 30 days of Christmas bonus ● Cell Phone Reimbursement ● Transportation Allowance

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Durante el año
Ocupación: Onboarding and training specialist

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