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Controlador/a De Dispatch Móvil, Mazapil

Publicado 2024-04-04
Caduca 2024-05-04
ID #2101581852
Controlador/a De Dispatch Móvil, Mazapil
Mexico, Zacatecas, Mazapil,
Publicado April 4, 2024


Ubicación del Puesto: Empleados Peñasquito Mine Site Tipo de Lugar de Trabajo:  En sitio   Nombre Del Reclutador: Maria Florencia Bogliolo   Grado Salarial: 102     Monto Recomendación Colaboradores:  Mexican Peso   Purpose Operate the Modular Mining dispatch system, in conjunction with the PM SAP platforms (for the creation of notifications/maintenance requests for events that require immediate corrective action and correct ves actions that can wait to the next scheduled maintenance (Backlog)) and Mine Star Health (for real-time monitoring of fleet health events), to register and coordinate the assignment of activities and interactions between the department of mine maintenance and mine operation; and in this way contribute actively to the reducti on of delays and to the increase of the operating ti mes of the fleets.

  Essential Duties Effectively operate the Modular Mining dispatch system, Mine Star Health, as well as the PM SAP module.

Follow the flowcharts of events to ensure proper notification of the necessary equipment.

Track and record the status of the equipment accurately through the appropriate coding in the software.

Communicate and interact clearly and precisely with the other Mine Dispatchers, Asset Health coordinators (Newmont and others e.g.

Caterpillar or Cummins) Maintenance Supervisors and the execution team to mitigate production impacts.

Generate maintenance notice in SAP for each event that requires immediate corrective action and corrective actions that can wait until the next scheduled maintenance (Backlog)).

For events that require immediate corrective action (equipment stopped or with alarm level 3) provide operator feedback to maintenance crews so that the repair is quick and efficient.

For events that can wait until the next scheduled maintenance, equipment with alarm level 1 or 2 (Backlog), after creating SAP noti fi cati on, update the dispatch system with required information in inorder to complete events as required.

Coordinate the response in each event with the maintenance team while priority zing and providing direction to the field mechanics' work.

Actively reduce equipment delays and maximize uptime.

Carry out continuous integrity checks of the captured data.

Publicize the problems and failures of the control system to ensure a timely response.

Accurately track and record maintenance events and operator-induced events.

Actively participate in the registration, validation, consolidation, and reporting of data captured in the modular dispatch system and reported in power BI.

Prioritize maintenance events identified by the Mine Care system combined with operator and supervisor information.

Training & Experience EXPERIENCE 5 years of experience working with mobile mining equipment (haul trucks, electric shovels, hydraulic shovels, graders, track dozers, wheel dozers, and rock drills).

  PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION University Higher Technician or Engineering Career Truncated (Mechatronics, Mechanics, Electromechanics, Industrial or related) Desirable management knowledge of PM SAP Desirable management knowledge for dispatch systems, Mine Star, and Modular Dispatch.

Experience in maintenance activities of mobile mining equipment.

Knowledge of hydraulics, mechanics, electromechanics, etc.

Use of PC for the development of reports in diff erent formats: (Word, Excel, Power Point) Working Conditions Entendemos que ningún candidato cumplirá con todos los requisitos deseados.

Si su experiencia es un poco diferente de lo que hemos especificado y cree que puede aportar valor al puesto, nos encantaría saber más sobre usted!  

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El tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Tipo de salario: Mensual
Ocupación: Controlador/a de dispatch móvil

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